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With the rapid rise in the technology, the usage of web is being extending to wide variety of devices, including tablets, Smartphones, etc., for accessing the web at any time or any place.

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We help our customers to evolve and go ahead with our innovative variety of technologies and trends, which include:

Responsive Web Design (RWD): Now-a-days, the usage of mobile devices to access the web is growing at a rapid pace. However, the web is not optimized for mobile devices, which are limited by display of size and need a distinct approach for the display of the content on the screens. Phones have different screen sizes, which change continuously. So, it is significant that your website adjust to any kind of screen. Our expertise lies in providing responsive web design, which delivers a simplified navigation and reading of web with minimum scrolling, panning and resizing over wide range of devices.
Improved Interactiveness: When it comes to developing websites, HTML5 is the most preferred script, which builds the websites independent of the platform. We play a significant role in designing your website with good layout and design using HTML 5 and CSS. Designing the page using HTML5 and CSS3 gives better ranking, when search is performed on the Google page. Offline browsing, cost effectiveness have proved to be the significant advantage of these two scripts. Business Intelligence has become easy and effective and accurate with the latest versions of these scripts.

Mobile or Tablet Optimization: Whether it is native apps development or mobile application development, we deliver a streamlining experience. Mobile phones and tablets are used widely during the recent times to access internet.If you wish to have a good look of you application on a mobile phone, one thing that you need is the Mobile optimization. This enables to have your website optimized according to the resolution of your cell phone. Unified offers the mobile optimization services reasonably to meet your purpose. Our experience team of professionals has the capability to manage distinct type of websites and optimize them according to the tablet and the mobile platform. You are always welcome to avail our efficient services.

Simplified Web Search: Enables the user to locate, allocate and integrate the information in a simplified way.Our offered services for Web 3.0 enables the users to find the relevant results on web ,ease the way of working on an internet, ease knowledge sharing and makes it difficult for fake identifiers to work online.


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