VMware Mirage

Are you aspiring to have image management solutions for virtual and physical devices? If yes, then take the advantage of Unified, whose team is experienced in providing the solutions for VMware Mirage that allows the image management of desktops, while enabling the execution at the user endpoint locally.
Our VMware Mirage solutions let you to have maximized productivity and backups, which allows you to rollback or retrieve the information quickly during breakdown.

VMware Mirage

VMware Mirage™ is a unified desktop image management solution for physical desktops, offering easier desktop management, improved end user productivity and easier Windows migrations.

Desktop Management

With layered images of each PC, Mirage makes it easy to deliver, manage and protect operating systems and applications in a cost-effective manner.

  • Dynamic layering for endpoint and application management. Complement and extend PC lifecycle management tools. Manage your desktop image as a set of logical layers owned by either IT or the end user. Update IT-managed layers while maintaining end-user files and personalization. Easily deploy applications to any collection of end users with application layering technology. Quickly restore the system layers to fix any issues without overwriting user layers. And easily migrate users from an old PC to a new one without losing data, profiles or user-installed applications.
  • Unified image management for physical and Horizon virtual desktops. Manage images on physical desktops or Horizon full clone persistent virtual desktops at scale with Mirage. Automated backup and full system recovery. Ensure desktop recovery with full PC snapshots and synchronizations any time there’s a change in the data center. Minimize end-user downtime when an end user’s PC has been lost, stolen or damaged and quickly restore the end-user system to a new device.
  • Designed for distributed environments. Support branch office deployments with minimal infrastructure. Turn any Mirage client endpoint into a Branch Reflector to optimize branch office management and allow end users to easily download updates.

End-user Productivity

Mirage delivers an optimized and adaptive experience, ensuring that IT backups and synchronizations never interfere with end-user productivity.

  • Optimized and adaptive experience. The Mirage client monitors resources being used on an end user’s desktop to ensure that the backup and synchronization processes never interfere with productivity.
  • Personalized performance. Allow end users to leverage the local resources on their desktops and laptops while maintaining offline productivity. Natively install Mirage-managed images onto Windows PCs or as virtual desktops on Mac® or Linux machines with VMware Fusion Pro. Ensure easy access for end users without the need to connect back to a company’s environment through a VPN with a Mirage Gateway.
  • Self-service file access and recovery. Ensure end users can take advantage of “follow-me file access” allowing end users to access any file from any web browser on any device. End users can also restore any file or any directory on their own with just a few clicks.


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