IT Service Desk

International enterprises require technical service desk to solve issues pertaining to service management in an efficient and consistent way. Concentration of the organizational activities under a single authority for incident resolution, reporting, infrastructure support and request management helps the businesses.
Unified provides helpdesk, vendor management and asset management to place all your service requests and issues related to various technologies. Our IT service desk guided by the ITIL methodology behaves as a meeting point between the end users and service providers.
We have the expertise in providing interface for various other functions concerning IT consulting, and we offer multi language support to handle the requirements of rapidly growing businesses. We enhance the IT service desk experience through our advanced way of communication to attain effective and efficient business operations.

Unified Services

  • Configured helpdesk that acts as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for IT users
  • Enhanced identification of the problem and resolving
  • Telephone support for end users
  • Electronic support including email support
  • Execution of the leading service desk technologies
  • Evaluation consulting for help desk
  • Observing end user satisfaction and reports concerning web accessibility

Furthermore, our service desk offers services on the following aspects:
Comprehensive IT service desk: User can make use of our consolidated service desk to place a request, report an incident and observe the pending status requests. Besides, our web portal with latest and enhanced repository of common IT concerns facilitates the process of handling the present IT requests effectively.
Automation of account management: We automate the process of provisioning and de-provisioning for end users by means of our unique management tools and efficient workflow.


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