CA Data Protection

( Previously known as CA DataMinder™)

With the growing needs of your business and the evolving strategies concerning data protection, Unified IT Services provides you the most effective solutions for CA Data Protection to meet your business challenges.
We have the expertise in providing the complete unmatched data protection solutions, which would allow organizations to measure their IT environments easily.

CA Data Protection overview

Protecting your IT infrastructure and the information that flows through it requires you to know where the data are located, how they are handled and their sensitivity level. CA Data Protection helps reduce the loss and misuse of data by controlling the information and access to it at every point in the system.


  • Identify, classify and control information at the endpoint, over the network, on the message server and in the repository.
  • Identify and classify many content types including personally identifiable information, non-public information and intellectual property.
  • Provide industry leading end-to-end detection through the use of fingerprinting, content description, identity context and concept-based policies.
  • Ensure enterprise scalability that supports deployment to thousands of desktops and users providing a pre-emptive head start and growing strategically.
  • Control sensitive data throughout the review process and limit access to reviewers with specific roles.
  • Provide flexible actions that support block, warn, quarantine, redirect, encrypt, move, delete, replace, monitor and the application of digital rights.
  • Extend the capabilities of leading CA IAM solutions by delivering content intelligence and classification to these solutions.


  • Enable transition to cloud services. Discover and classify high-risk data and applications enabling IT business decisions.
  • Mitigate high risk modes of communication. Control sensitive data through high-risk enterprise communications.
  • Enable compliance with regulatory and corporate policies. Ensure precise policy enforcement through content and identity.



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