VMware Horizon FLEX

Let your IT departments go with the secure virtual desktops locally on your personal computers and Macintosh laptops with the offered solutions of Unified for VMware Horizon FLEX.

Being the foremost partner of VMware, Unified provides the customized solutions that best suits your business requirements.

What is Horizon flex?

VMware Horizon FLEX is a policy-based containerized desktop solution which provides IT with the flexibility to meet the needs of Mac users, contractors, and disconnected workers, while ensuring security, control, and compliance of the corporate desktop. In other words, Horizon FLEX is a locked-down virtual machine for the user to run locally on a machine of their choice that you as the administrator can control with various policies. You can provide users with the corporate access they need, and enforce the security compliance you want. It is a win-win solution!

Horizon FLEX Advantages

  • Embrace BYO and Macs: Easily deliver local virtual desktops to Mac and PC users with incredible flexibility.
  • Work from anywhere, even when disconnected: Get access to a rich desktop experience through our industry-leading clients, ensuring productivity even when on the road or disconnected from the network.
  • Simplify desktop management with desktop containers: Easily entitle, control and secure Windows virtual desktops from a central web console.
  • Easily manage, backup or patch virtual desktops: Manage, backup or patch Windows virtual desktops using the Mirage for Horizon FLEX layering technology or continue to use your own Windows image management tools.
  • Reduce costs: Minimize the training needs of your workforce with our streamlined user-experience. Deploying virtual desktops is significantly less expensive than shipping laptops to onboard your new employees or contractors.

Horizon FLEX is for whom?

Horizon FLEX is ideal for organizations dealing with Bring Your Own (BYOPC) users, Mac users, contractors, road warriors or regional offices.


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