VMware Fusion and Fusion Pro

Do you wish to have windows application run on your Mac machine with reliability, quickness, easiness and without rebooting? Unified customized solutions for VMware Fusion and VMware Fusion Pro stand as best solutions for this.
Unified has gained experience over the years in offering the best customized solutions for VMware Fusion 7 and VMware Fusion 7 in conformity with your business needs.

VMware Fusion and Fusion Pro

VMware Fusion® 7 is optimized for the latest Macs and ready for OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1 to deliver the ultimate Windows® on Mac® experience.
VMware Fusion® 7 Pro delivers state of the art Mac® virtualization for advanced users, leading edge features for developers, and is ideal for Macs in businesses that want to ensure compatibility with Windows®.

VMware fusion pro is designed for:

New Mac Users
VMware Fusion makes it incredibly easy for you to transfer your entire PC to your Mac and make the most of your software investment. With the Fusion PC migration assistant for Windows, you can bring the Windows operating system and all your applications and files over to your new Mac. Get the best of both worlds and have access to your Windows applications and all your files from your old PC.
Home Users
VMware Fusion is designed for individuals looking for an easy, fast and reliable solution to run Windows on their Mac without rebooting. With the ability to run Windows applications like Mac applications, VMware Fusion is the ideal solution for Mac users who want to continue running Windows and get the best of both worlds.
Advanced Users
With the ability to assign 64GB of memory, 16 virtual processors and 2GB of graphics memory per virtual machine, Fusion Pro delivers leading edge features for running Windows on a Mac. And, with innovative tools such as linked clones, virtual network editor and connectivity to vSphere, Fusion Pro is the perfect tool for advanced users on the Mac.
Software Developers
Software developers rely on Fusion Pro to streamline the development and debugging of Windows or Linux applications in multiple environments on their Mac. Developers can replicate a production web or hybrid cloud environment right on their Mac.
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance teams use Fusion Pro to efficiently and economically test applications on a complex matrix of operating systems, application platforms and browsers all while doing away with repetitive configuration tasks.
Macs in Business
Open the door to Macs in business with Fusion Pro. With unmatched operating system support, performance and reliability, Fusion Pro is the ideal solution for businesses that want to run Windows on Macs. With Fusion Pro, you can deploy standardized desktops to your employees, run business critical applications that are only available in Windows, or continue to run Windows XP applications in a virtual environment on modern hardware.



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