RFID Warehouse Management

Ware house management system (WMS) is a significant element in the process of production and distribution of commodities.It mainly intends to organize the storage of the materials and their movement inside the warehouse. WMS observes the onward movement of the products including system tracking, transmission between product stations and physical infrastructure of the ware house.
In order to examine the flow of products efficiently, ware house management system (WMS) uses RFID technology that makes use of radio frequency communication to recognize, trace and regulate objects.Organizations aim at delivering superior quality services to their customers at a minimum product cost. RFID systems connects with the inventory and ERP systems smoothly to trace the products starting from the time of production to customer delivery.
Unified warehouse management and inventory control software executes the inventory management comprehensively by using composition of technologies including RF Readers, RF Tags, Sensors, barcodes, networks, Internet and the Wi-Fi. Moreover, the software provides the ability to classify each of the items in the inventory, through which the individual requirements of the company are configured easily and quickly.

Unified Warehouse Management & Inventory Control advantages

  • Utilize RFID, Near field communication(NFC) and barcode to gather and carry the data between the items of the inventory and the reader
  • Recognize and find the items quickly, at a minimized cost and greater accuracy
  • Reduce the manual effort and the associated errors during each stage of tracking the inventory by a considerable amount.
  • Give accurate and appropriate information to aid the decisions of the management
  • Gives additional security by identifying the movement of the inventory and generating the complete logs of audit trail



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