RFID Hand hygiene

Hygiene of hands has proved to be highly significant for the medical employees and patients. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) that are widespread amongst hospitals and long term health care centers are developed by the patients, while receiving the treatment or after the treatment at hospitals appointed for other health conditions. Chances of developing these viruses have been significant even while receiving the treatment at home.
Pathogens that are impervious to standard antibiotics, for example, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are the cause of developing these infections.This level of the infection rate can be brought down to the least level by following superior hand-hygiene habits. RFID technology has proved to be highly effective in addressing this age-long challenge.

World Health Organisations (WHO) has published the below recommendations of time for the health professionals to follow:

  • Before and after touching the patient
  • After touching the surroundings of the patient
  • Prior to the aseptic or cleaning process
  • After biofluids subjection.

Unified provides RFID solutions to health care professionals, whose compliance to hand –hygience can be known with the help of the RFID badges worn by them. When health care professionals use hand wash work stations, RFID reader equipped with the work stations records the identity of the user and period of stay before the reader followed by an immediate feedback in the form of the hand cleaning score and other appropriate information to know how fine the hand wash protocol has been followed.

RFID Hand Hygiene advantages

  • Improves the safety of patient and provides enhanced quality of caution
  • Informs the administrators regarding non compliance
  • Cautions the caregivers of their non compliance; thereby gives them a chance to clean their hands before giving care
  • Used to find and detail the possible sources for transferring infection
  • Eases the implementation of policies with regards to hand hygiene



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