RFID Event Management

Event management is gratifying and the same time it is a very complex business. Some of its significant challenges encompass event designing, allotting the time and funds, keeping track of financial accounts and security.
People gather in huge number at special events, such as sporting events, concerts, conferences and trade fair that take place occasionally. It is not an easy job for organizers to manage such as huge crowd, while ensuring the security.Currently, RFID is best option for event organizers for its rapidly advancing technology, which helps to have track of the people’s movement efficiently.
Unified’ event management system utilize RFID enabled tickets and wrist bands to have an efficient control of access and to know the activities of the customers taking place within the venue. Moreover, it proves to be highly advantageous for the staff to serve the customers personally.Furthermore, RFID activated tags and tickets assist in automating the registration process; thereby enhancing customer convenience and quickening the process of registration. Minimization of counterfeit tickets proves to be another significant advantage of using RFID enabled tickets.

RFID Event management advantages

Access control

  • Simultaneous scan of RFID badges and tickets
  • Scans the in time and out time
  • Layered based access, such as general parking, VIP parking and center for media and so on

Reporting or marketing

  • Registration in advance
  • Capture of mobile number and email

Visitor’s data Analysis

  • Period of stay
  • Flow of traffic
  • Segmentation of population
  • Actual time during which the event occurs



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