RFID Asset Tracking

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless means of transferring data using electromagnetic fields with intent to recognize and track the labels connected to the objects automatically. Asset tracking is process of tracing the movement of the physical assets by scanning barcode tags bound to the assets or by smart tags such as passive RFID, whose range of transmission is limited to only few meters; however, smart tags using active RFID have the capacity to transmit up to 2000 meters.
Asset tracking system can track the location of assets, utilization of assets and produce range of reports. Before knowing the location of the assets with RFID based asset tracking system, it is necessary to set up the required infrastructure. Adopting an accurate asset management process maintains the functional efficiency of one’s data center. Data collection processes, such as passive tags and scanning bar codes, which are operated manually, are likely to cause errors and consume time. Following a real time asset tracking process proves to be the best solution.

Real-Time Asset Tracking process and Management

A completely automated real time solution of Unified delivers error free asset inventory data; thereby facilitating simplified deployment for quick Return on Investment (ROI) and value.

Unified asset tracking process and management encompass:

  • Asset tracking management software
  • Simplified deployment of readers and active tags that are wire-free
  • Simplified Integration of the existing technology platforms with the help of Open API’s


Real time asset tracking process from Unified generates a complete record of data feed automatically, which makes sure that there is an availability of information whenever required as regards to planning of tasks, organizing asset lifecycles of data center and organization of capacity.

Unified solutions assist in achieving the following:

  • Minimized cost of operations
  • Enhanced functional efficiency
  • Enhanced planning decisions
  • Complete information on assets relating to traceability and audit



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