Java Enterprise Edition

Organizations crave for excellence in terms of simplicity, quickness and smartness, when using any innovative technology in their business operations.
Java Enterprise Edition helps the organizations to do just the same. It is a platform which provides a runtime environment and an API for building and executing enterprise software, including reliable, secure and scalable network applications. It lays its focus on the system to carefully handle increasing amount of work, degree of protection from harm and execution of errors.
Unified helps organizations in creating java based solutions at an advanced and enterprise-scale level using enhanced automation. Thus, it significantly reduces the development efforts of the application.
Unified serves a best foundation for design and development of applications using JAVA and J2EE.

Unified proficiency

  • Proficiency in developing J2EE enterprise class solutions
  • Efficient attention on comprehensive solutions including planning, design, execution, assurance of quality, testing and maintenance
  • Timely delivery of projects reasonably and with less maintenance
  • Applications designed and configured for servers such as JBoss, Weblogic and Websphere

We help businesses utilize Java to the maximum potential to attain the following:

  • Enhance the quality of delivery all through the application portfolio by using regulated tools and architecture
  • Improve the level of predictability by means of workflows, systematized verification and points of transition
  • Minimize the cost of delivery by means of best composition of resources
  • Use the emerging technologies to maximum extent in order to deliver improved user experience.



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