Information Risk Management

Maintaining the security of the business is a significant issue. The fame of a business can be majorly affected by availability, integrity, privacy and protecting the system of its information benefits.
Information might face threats in various ways, including loss of data and lack of security policies. This may lead to financial penalties and increased inspection by consumers, regulators and media. Unified takes several measures to protect the significant information and enhance the way of dealing with the risks related to information.
Our comprehensive approach to recognize, analyze, report and improve the risks related to information will enable you to :

  • Attain reporting and assessment quickly
  • Minimize the rate of audit failure
  • Minimize the cost of compliance by automated procedure
  • Correct the traced and examined risks by means of centralized platform

Defined controls are established in advance and are associated to applicable standards and regulations to recognize overlap and prevent duplication

Unified RMIS Strategy

In today’s world stakeholders expect a complete commitment towards Information Risk Management. We follow an effective RMIS (Risk management information system) plan that is authorized by the executives at the senior level and well perceived by the stakeholders. Our RMIS primarily focuses on delivering relevant and regular reports of quality representing the latest evaluation and trends through Information Risk management plan.
Our RMIS will provide you the complete information required to evaluate the data and enable you to access the details of the risk management at any time or anywhere on your mobile devices. We assist our clients to manage information risk at a superior level, and give the idea of the screens that are susceptible to risk exposure.


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