.Net Development

Microsoft .Net is the platform created to associate people with distributed devices, systems and information. .NET allows applications to connect to other applications written in different platform, and sited in different environment and locations in an easy way. Moreover, the platform enables developing strong and efficient web applications rapidly.
At Unified IT Services Pvt. Ltd, We have an excellent team of developers capable of implementing the complete features of .NET to deliver highly powerful and scalable applications, while making certain that the security and quality are ensured. With the proven expertise in developing various technologies and tools of .Net framework, Unified has established itself as the most prominent place for developing .Net applications.
Our team has a solid experience in developing n-tier applications ranging from small widgets to creation of huge enterprise class applications by using wide range of technologies, such as ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#. Our working methodologies and the way we manage the project serve of our clients to develop effective solutions for various business applications. Moreover, we develop solutions that give the results aimed at efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness.
Quality is the basis for our development approach. We work in close association with you to understand the requirements of your business and acquire knowledge of certain technical challenges that come across the way.

Unified services:

  • Planning, designing and programming using .NET
  • Development , enhancement and support of the existing .NET applications
  • Significant features of Microsoft .NET implemented
  • Application development at enterprise level and integration services
  • Change of legacy applications to .NET based application
  • Migration of standalone and web applications to .NET


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