Cyber Security

Why Cyber Security? Why Unified?

In the past many years the cyber security scientists expressed several apprehensions regarding computers, networked devices being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber Attacks are usually causing problems deliberately, breaking down devices, servers, systems connected to networks and also damaging the IoT system by security breach and intercepting the devices connected to a network. The process of safeguarding systems and their contents has been concluded as cyber security.

The need for cyber security is to:

  • Protect the networks and systems from cyber-attacks and threats.
  • Prevent Customer data and confidential information loss.
  • Important financial, government, retail, manufacturing information is protected.
  • Servers and data centers to be protected that are connected to networks and devices.

Unified Perspective of Cyber Security

Cyber security is a front-and-center challenge for CIOs. The variables to manage are getting increasingly more complex – increasingly globalized footprints, incidents that span physical and logical realms, device proliferation, etc.; as a result, the pace of reported data security breaches and the overall cost per incident continue to rise. In ensuring an organization is able to anticipate, respond to, and manage these risks in the most effective manner, key questions need to be addressed:

  • How can we reduce the likelihood of a critical cyber security-related event from occurring?
  • How do make risk vs. flexibility tradeoffs for new security measures?
  • How should we improve due diligence protection processes for management?
  • How can we further improve compliance with laws and standards related to these incidents?
  • Unified pragmatic approach is proven to solve cyber security related issues and ensure the specific group of core competencies required to ensure a resilient IT environment and organization are in place.

What we do to Secure IT Infrastructure?

Unified Cyber Security Strategy can provide the experience, data, and process to develop, implement, and continuously improve a practical strategy. Strategy’s core IT security offering falls into two key areas:

  • Strategy development – We work with you to identify the most pressing cyber security-related threats that the organization faces in the current-state, and define the way in which these threats can be addressed moving forward.
  • Strategy execution/implementation – We work with you to ensure the organization successfully establishes the required processes, infrastructure and governance model to effectively address the identified cyber security-related threats.


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