CA Service Virtualization

(Previously known as CA LISA Service virtualization)

With the change in the outlook of the IT organizations towards enterprise applications from the inflexible and large to the ones that are highly dynamic in nature, Unified seeks to provide highly effective CA service virtualization solutions, which would assist you in delivering enterprise software with minimized complexity, cost and limitations.
We seek to provide CA Service virtualization solutions which have the ability to virtualize the dynamic behavior of the system, data and speed in order that the need to have a live system would be reduced.

CA Service Virtualization

CA Service Virtualization simulates constrained or unavailable systems across the software development lifecycle (SDLC), allowing developers, testers and performance teams to work in parallel for faster delivery and higher application quality and reliability.

Key Features

  • Remove constraints throughout the SDLC by modeling and simulating unavailable or dependent systems.
  • Enable parallel development and testing to reduce cycle times, detect defects early and increase IT productivity.
  • Reduce demand for lab infrastructure and software to avoid costs and reduce configuration effort.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate time-to-market by enabling parallel software development, testing and validation.
  • Improve application quality by testing earlier in the SDLC where it is less expensive and disruptive to solve application defects.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating much of the concurrent demand for development environments and pay-per-use service charges.



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