CA API Developer Portal

(Previously known as CA layer 7 API portal)

Unified has grown efficient over the years for providing the most excellent solutions for CA API developer portal ; thereby enabling the developers to have simplified usage and understandability of API’s and test the applications as well.
With our improved solutions for API portal, both the administrators and business users can avail the tools required to monitor the usage of API, organize their communities of developments and have the advantage of indispensable light into the complete infrastructure of API.

CA API developer portal

The CA API Developer Portal delivers a complete, secure platform for developer on-boarding, engagement and management.

Key Features

  • Address the requirements of each stakeholder in an API purchasing cycle.
  • Get one product that can address partner, developer, mobile, and cloud access.
  • The API portal is deployable on premise.
  • It allows each business unit in an organization to publish and manage their own APIs on a single, central portal.
  • It allows developers to automatically generate client-side code in their programming language of choice.
  • The API portal automatically creates interactive documentation from industry-standard WADL files.
  • It supports both external and internal developer groups.

Key Benefits

  • Increased revenues by expanding market reach to emerging platforms and more mobile devices.
  • Decreased costs by reducing technology costs and increasing inefficiencies.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by allowing your customers and partners to interact with your organization from their device of choice.


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