CA Data Mining

(Previously known as CA LISA Data mining)

Now-a-days enterprise applications are developed according to the recent methodologies, which lead to complexities and cost consuming development and testing process.
To meet this challenge, Unified provides customized efficient CA Data mining solutions that would assist you in enhancing the quality of the application, minimizing the defect cost and speeding up the product process from the stage of development till the time product is available for sale.

CA data mining solution

CA Data Mining solutions help increase application quality, reduce the cost of defects and accelerate time-to-market by enabling you to rapidly generate virtual services, automate the creation of test suites, use production performance data from CA Application Performance Management to create “live-like” test scenarios and increase collaboration between development and operations teams (DevOps).
CA Pathfinder automates the process of creating and maintaining virtual services and simplifying the production and management of automated test suites through the use of live application traffic captured in pre-production and production. CA Pathfinder also allows business workflows to be quickly discovered and mapped to help expose complex application architectures and potential performance bottlenecks. In addition, software defects can be captured and rapidly communicated using detailed reports allowing problem root cause to be more quickly identified and fixed.

Key Features:

  • Rapidly generate automated regression test suites by capturing live traffic during application usage.
  • Simplify the creation, updating and management of virtual services.
  • Automate and simplify the process of capturing and reporting defects using a simple ‘Alt-Click’ from the browser, allowing IT teams to identify issue root cause and resolve defects more quickly while reducing costs.

Key Benefits

  • Expand test automation to resolve defects earlier and improve quality.
  • Build virtual services in minutes, not days.
  • Capture, communicate and resolve defects faster.



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